During summer 2021, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Association (WMATA) will repair and reconstruct platforms at four stations on the Green/Yellow Line: Greenbelt, College Park-U of Md, Prince George’s Plaza, and West Hyattsville. Starting Saturday, May 29 to Monday, September, 6, 2021 there will be no Green/Yellow Line service north of Fort Totten. Green Line trains will operate between Branch Ave and Fort Totten. Yellow Line trains will operate between Huntington and Mt Vernon Square. During this time, free shuttle bus service will be available. The station closures are part of Metro’s three-year Platform Improvement Project (PIP) that will completely reconstruct the outdoor platforms at 20 Metrorail stations, making platforms safer and more accessible for customers with disabilities, while also addressing safety concerns and longstanding structural issues.


To best handle the station closures, employers and commuters should prepare and educate themselves by knowing their transportation options.* goDCgo online interactive map provides individual trip planning services for commuters to help plan the quickest and most affordable route to work.


*Please be sure to check the transit providers’ websites for any updates or changes to schedules given the public health crisis.


May 29 to September 6, 2021


GR YL No Green/Yellow Line Service: Greenbelt to West Hyattsville


FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE will be available. The following shuttles will operate Monday through Friday from 5am to 11pm; Saturday from 7am to 11pm; and Sunday from 8am to 11pm.


  • Limited-stop service between Greenbelt, College Park-U of Md, and Fort Totten operates every 6-10 minutes.
  • Limited-stop service between Prince George’s Plaza, West Hyattsville, and Fort Totten operates every 6-10 minutes.
  • Local service between Greenbelt, College Park-U of Md, Prince
    George’s Plaza, and West Hyattsville operates every 15 minutes.


METROBUS  provides multiple routes that connect District and Maryland residents to nearby Metrorail stations. Fares start at $2, cash or SmarTrip® card, or download the SmarTrip® app for a contactless way to pay.



  • G12 & G14 – Service to New Carrollton Station
  • R12 – Service to College Park-U of Md & Deanwood stations

College Park-U of Md

  • 83 – Service to Rhode Island Ave Station
  • 86 – Service to Prince George’s Plaza & Rhode Island Ave stations
  • F6 – Service to New Carrollton, Prince George’s Plaza, West Hyattsville & Fort Totten stations
  • R12 – Service to College Park-U of Md & Deanwood stations

Prince George’s Plaza

  • 86 – Service to Prince George’s Plaza & Rhode Island Ave stations
  • F4 – Service to Silver Spring & New Carrollton stations
  • F6 – Service to New Carrollton, Prince George’s Plaza, West Hyattsville & Fort Totten stations
  • F8 – Service to West Hyattsville & Cheverly stations
  • R4 – Service to West Hyattsville & Brookland stations

West Hyattsville

  • F1 & F2 – Service to Takoma & Cheverly stations
  • F6 – Service to New Carrollton, Prince George’s Plaza, West Hyattsville & Fort Totten stations
  • F8 – Service to West Hyattsville & Cheverly stations
  • R4 – Service to West Hyattsville & Brookland stations

THE BUS system operates Monday through Friday only. Fare is $1.25 for adults, cash or SmarTrip® card. Fare is FREE for seniors, people with disabilities, youth ages 5-18, and Medicare participants.



  • 16 – Service to New Carrollton Station

Prince George’s Plaza

  • 13 – Service to West Hyattsville station
  • 18 – Service to Addison Rd station

West Hyattsville

  • 13 – Service to West Hyattsville station

CAPITAL BIKESHARE rates start at $2 for a 30 minute trip. With 6,000 bikes and over 600 stations across the DC metro area, Capital Bikeshare is an easy
and low cost way to navigate station closures and connect to the nearest open Metrorail stations.

  • Prince George’s Plaza – Prince George’s Plaza Metro, The Mall at Prince George’s
  • West Hyattsville – Hyattsville Metro

Use a personal bike to get to your nearest open Metrorail station where secure bike parking is available. You can also bring your bike on board the Metrorail at
any time.


SCOOTERS AND DOCKLESS BIKES are currently available in the District and certain counties in Maryland. Scooters and dockless bikes can easily be
located and unlocked using the provider’s mobile app.

  • Washington, DC – Bird, Helbiz, Jump, Lime, Lyft, Razor, Skip, Spin

*For more information about scooters in the District, visit goDCgo.com/scooter.


WASHINGTON AREA BICYCLISTS ASSOCIATION (WABA) offers courses for bicyclists of all skill levels to help adults ride more comfortably and confidently. All Capital Bikeshare members can access WABA classes for free.



MARC – The Camden-Washington route services stops at Greenbelt and College Park, making a final stop at Union Station.




There are several trails connecting DC to Maryland, but Paint Branch Trail and the Trolley Trail are highly accessible options from PG County. Paint Branch Trail runs for 3.5 miles between Lake Artemesia and the Cherry Hill Neighborhood Park in College Park, MD. The trail is a part of the larger Anacostia Tributary Trail System, which provides miles of off-road paved paths along the various branches of the Anacostia River.


The Trolley Trail follows the route of the old trolley train that once ran from DC to Laurel, MD. Running along Rhode Island Avenue, it is now a widely used 3.8- mile hiker/biker pathway towards the District. The Trolley Trail also connects to multiple other walking or bicycling trails, including the Indian Creek Trail and the Paint Branch Trail. Learn more at goDCgo.com/bike.




Commuter Connections’ Ridematching program will match commuters with
a carpool or vanpool – reducing road congestion and freeing up parking.


uberPOOL, Lyft Line, and Via allow commuters to share the ride with others in
the same direction and pay less for your trip. Grab a ride using the provider’s
mobile app.*Please be advised that shared rides may be temporarily paused due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Waze Carpool is a mobile app that connects commuters going the same way in Maryland and DC.


Taxis can be easily located and hailed around the PG County area with
24-hour dispatch service.



Employees can perform their business duties outside the traditional office location. It’s encouraged more now more than ever, given the current health crisis. Video conferencing, group messaging, and similar software help to preserve office culture.



Work shift variations that include flextime, compressed work weeks, and staggered work hours. Each represents an adjustment to the traditional 9-to-5, 8-hours-a-day schedule.



A trip or ride that has multiple passengers headed in the same direction, but the destination/origin do not need to be the same. (i.e. carpooling, vanpooling, slugging, Lyft Line, uberPOOL, Via, and Waze Carpool)



Carsharing allows users access to a fleet of vehicles based on a timed reservation system or availability, and often includes gas, insurance, and maintenance costs. (i.e. Zipcar and Free2Move)




Find a quick and easy way to get in, out, and around DC in either the cheapest, quickest, or most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Available on:  iOS     Android   



Google Maps

View maps and plan a trip by transit, walking, biking, or driving. Get real-time updates and notifications of delays and re-route accordingly.

Available on:  iOS     Android   




Navigate your driving route with peer recommendations on detours and road troubles.

Available on:  iOS     Android   



Capital Bikeshare

The CaBi App lets you purchase rides, unlock a bike, and ride right away. You can also view all station locations, see available bikes and docks, and get walking directions to them to start your ride..

Available on:  iOS     Android   


Consider all public transit options in DC and plan a trip using this real-time app.

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Plan your trip, find departure times for all nearby transit lines, request an Uber, reserve a car, or grab the closest Capital Bikeshare bike.

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DC Metro Transit

Real-time transit information for the Metrorail, Metrobus, and DC Circulator. Locally developed for the DC commute.

Available on:  iOS     Android   


Not sure where to begin? Overwhelmed by the options? Challenge us with your commute! Send us the specifics of your trip and we’ll tell you the best way(s) to get from A to B.





Employees have many options for getting to work during the Platform Improvement Project surges. Help them choose sustainable, cost-effective, and stress-free modes. goDCgo’s award-winning Employer Services team can help! Download goDCgo’s Toolkit for Employers or schedule a FREE virtual workshop to help your employees navigate around the station closures.